21 June 2011

Sleek Monaco Palette

Hello gorgeous,

Firstly I'd like say hello and welcome to my lovely new subbies, it means so much to me to have you :-) thanks girls. Stop by anytime for a chat I'm very friendly :-)

I know I only did a post last night but I really couldn't wait to do a post about this beautiful palette.

Sleek is possibly my favourite drugstore brand, it's cheap but not so cheap that you think it's horrible. The eyeshadows apart from the lights are so pigmented and stay put for ages. Being a lazy drunk, one night I forgot to take it off before bed (Bad Joy) and when I woke up it was still as vibrant as the night before. I never used to use a primer because I just didn't know what one was, and the colour payoff was just amazing. For £5-£7 you just don't expect it. They're so soft and go on so nicely, I can only find a couple of faults in Sleek makeup.

Lots of people complain about sleek makeup "Oh the packaging looks cheap" or "I hate the sponge-tip applicator" and even "You get so much fallout" well, I love the packaging I think it's awesome how they change it up with each different collection it's fun. I personally like the sponge-tip applicator, I know they aren't very sanitary but when it's just me using it who cares? I'll use that or I'll use my fingers and I get the perfect look everytime. And as for fallout, you get fallout with almost all eyeshadows. You go to MAC and you get luster shadows and you're going to get fall out so I just don't have a problem with the fallout.

I'm happy they've left the black shadow out, there's only so many black shadows a girl needs. I'm kind of upset that they have put the same copper colour in there, it's pretty but again if you have most of the palettes they rehash the same colour. But I found the perfect blue and lilac colour in this, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect lilac but they're hard to find because they just never show up the same as what you get in the pan, but, with Sleek makeup what you see is what you get.

Anyway I think I've babbled on enough about the palette and Sleek. 

I love the colours, I'm just a bit upset they put four blues. I'd love to see a plummy purple in there
Magenta and Lotus Flower made me buy this. They're soo gorgeous and I never know when I'm going to need a bright pink shadow lol
And to top it all off they've made the inside of the box pink :-) it's the small things that matter.
What do you think of the colours? Have any of you lovelies got anything from the Mediterranean collection?

Peace, love and sparkly cupcakes :-)

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