16 December 2011

30 Day Blog Challege

Day 12 – A photograph of the town you live in.

Hi guys,
I don't actually have any pictures of the town I live so I used some from google images.

I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Yes I am Yorkshire lass but I don't speak like one unless I am around really common people. I've lived here all of my life and although I am proud to be a Northerner (it is true about us being a friendly bunch) I'm keen to leave the place lol. Sheffield is home to the Steelworks, it's a green city and one of the biggest cities in the country. A lot of very awesome people were born in Sheffield (just to pick a few) Sean Bean, Joe Cocker, Jessica Ennis, Def Leppard and many many others.

This place is called The Peace Gardens, it's such a nice place to go and sit in the summer. Also in winter the council put an outdoor skating rink here.

My favourite place IN THE WORLD, ha ha. Fancie Cupcakes, if you follow me on Twitter, I am sure you will have seen me rambling on about how much I love Fancie.

And lastly, this is the college where I am studying Hairdressing.

Peace and Love

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