1 January 2013

New year new me?

Hello my loves,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and getting ready for an even better new year. This is the first post of the year so I will keep it short and sweet :)

I spent Christmas and new year alone this year. It's hard when you're on your own with no family or friends around, I don't want to go into specifics about why they aren't around. I have a really wonderful friend and he was there all day for me via text which meant the world to me, I'm really lucky to have an awesome friend like him.

I've noticed via twitter and some Facebook updates that people are talking about New Years resolutions, I made a post about mine last year and I completely failed at them! This year I won't be making any resolutions. I don't see the point because who actually sticks to then? All I want to do is be happy in 2013, last year was such a tough one and that's all I want from 2013.
As I won't be making any new resolutions I'm going to set realistic targets for myself.
-I would love to have  my hair healthy so I really am going to try and stop dying my hair. This is not something I can commit to because we all know how much I love to dye my hair. I'm just going to stop changing it as much.
-I want  to eat MORE fruit and veg, I love fruit and I also love most veg so that really shouldn't be much of a problem at all.
-This is one major thing, I recently increased my medication so alcohol messes with it. I plan to be sober for as long as I can. Although I don't  drink every day like I used to, the amount of units I do consume has become a problem.
-Exercise, I do have a gym membership and I really need to start going more. Yes I want to lose weight, however, the goals I set just aren't realistic so I'm just going to say I would like to be the same size all over my body. I love my hourglass figure so I guess it isn't about the weight loss, it genuinely is just to tone up. I've spent so much time trying to look perfect for boys but I need to do this for me, which takes me on to the next thing:
-I'm going to stop looking for perfection and just be happy with what I have. Instead of concentrating on what we don't have my loves, less concentrate on what we have. We have our health and we are in far better situations than some starving people.
-I want to blog more, I actually really writing and I would love to do  more of it. I like those instagramming posts, and my week in pictures, I would love to do some of them when I don't really know what to write about.
-I want to get some new friends, 2013 is going to be exactly what I make of it, this is my/our chance to have a fresh start and be really happy.
-I want to live my life instead of just existing in a world where I am constantly anxious. When I got divorced I gave up on my self but now I need to change.
Last year I said I would give up chocolate and all forms of junk food but you can't give something up completely because your body will just crave it. It is  ok to eat chocolate, it is ok to have that takeaway and that glass of wine, you just have to be treatwise and exercise,  that is the most important thing. If you are going to eat loads of junk you won't lose weight. Let's just be happy and healthy my loves.
Peace, love and a great big new year hug :D

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