14 January 2013

Mondays mane - tickled pink

Hello my snowy lovelies,

I  hope you're all well and keeping warm on this snowy day.

Recently I've been missing my pink and blonde hair. I can't decide which colour I will go for but I have to bleach my hair to get this lilac out anyway so I think that I am going to do that before I have my hair cut and decide then.

Anyway I thought I would share a couple of pics of the hair that I am aiming for when I do decide if pink is my next step. We all know what I am like I will change my mind again because I am never happy with my hair.
I'm loving the baby pink locks and the ombre one.

What's your favourite hair colour at the moment?
Peace and love


  1. I've been really wanting purple in my hair- but I've never had my hair colored before. I'm such a pansy. Is it too late to ombré?


    1. Aww honey it's never too late, I would just advise you to get it done professional and just be weary of the damage it can cause. It would look gorgeous though and if you do want it then go for it. If you're scared of doing it all purple then just starting off small is a good way of doing it to see if you like it.
      Good luck and show me pictures :) xxx