17 December 2012

Have you been taking your vitamins?

Hello my Christmas honeys,

How's everyone doing? The countdown is on for Christmas :D

Have you ever dyed your hair and it didn't turn out the way you want it? I know I have, I've always relied on bleach or colour b4 to help me rectify anything that does go wrong. My blog seems to centre around my hair, I'm always changing it and I guess I like to share my new colour, I personally LOVE looking at people's new hair whether it be colour or cut. So, my last posts have been about me changing my hair colour and with this you know the damage that  comes with it.

I'm always happy to try new and natural ways to help me go lighter. I looked on the Internet and on youtube and found this coke trick, you're meant to wash your hair in coke and it is supposed to strip the hair. Didn't really get  the science behind it but I thought  I would try it anyway, nothing happened, I just got a very cold head and sticky hair.

Enter vitamin C, I found a video and she had tried a bunch of different things, like washing powder, washing up liquid and vitamin c. I didn't really take notice of it and I found another video about the vitamin c method, yes I said vitamin c, I know crazy right. In this video he went to Holland and Barrett and bought some vitamin c powder, it doesn't have to be powder but smashing up pills just doesn't appeal to me.

A little brief reason why I wanted to do this. I was blonde and decided that for Christmas I'd like to go red, I had my roots coming through and I just decided to do  it. The red I used last time didn't look right so I added Rubine from Directions because red hair can be topped up to make it look more intense. It went purple/pink just looked like Rose red and I didn't like that at all. The funny thing is, I've been wanting pink hair for ages but just wasn't able to achieve it for some reason and it takes me stripping my hair to get it pink. Accidental hair is often the best hair.

Back to the post, This is what you do and what you will need and I will show you the pictures afterwards.

You will  need vitamin c, again it can be pills or powder and it doesn't have to be Holland and Barrett. A tint bowl, or plate or bowl - whatever you use just be aware that it could be messy so  I used a tint bowl. A teaspoon, Shampoo - You can use any kind of shampoo that  you like but I used head and shoulders because anti-dandruff shampoo helps to remove the colour. A tint brush to stir it, you don't need a tint brush I just used  it. A good conditioner, you can use any that you like I just macadamia nut. And a plastic bag, shower curtain or if you can get your hands on those caps that they have in salons then you can use one of those.

Before I start I do want to tell you that this  will make your hair dry at the ends but a good deep condition and it'll sort it out.  It can be gritty which might dry your hands out too. When I was taking it through my hair some of the directions dye came off on my hands but was easy to wash off.

So what you do is get 10 teaspoons of the  powder and 40ml of shampoo (I used a little bit more because it didn't make the paste I needed) mix them together and voila. It should thick in consistency, think of icing sugar and that's what it should look like. Firstly you need to wash your hair, take out as much water as you can so it's still wet but not sopping wet. Once you hair is ready you can put the mixture on however you wish, just make sure it is all covered. Once it's covered massage it into the roots and when it's starting to look soapy you're ready. How long you leave it is your choice, I wrapped it up in a carrier bag, (safety first people I don't want you to suffocate or anything) I left it on for 2hrs, when removing this I did wash my hair afterwards with a herbal essences moisture shampoo and then put on my deep conditioner.

Obviously because it was wet it didn't actually look like it had worked but when it was dry in the daylight I could definitely notice it. The first attempt took a lot out of it and was left with an orangey pink, so I knew I would have to do it again, on the second attempt I got exactly what I want. On the left side there's a blonde streak which makes it look quite cool. I have about 2 inches of roots which isn't good. I do plan to keep  the pink for a little while, as I have the colour I want I'm just going to put a pink dye on  top to freshen it up.

Here are the pictures. As the weather is bad obviously it's hard to get decent pictures  but I do think these ones are pretty true to life.

Please ignore my face in the second picture, I had only just woken up. So, the first picture is obviously what I started with and the second picture is after the first attempt of stripping it, the third picture is my hair now.

I hope you've all found this post helpful and I'm sorry it was a bit rambly. At the moment Holland and Barrett's are doing a buy one get one half price so if you want to buy some online you can do so here there is a lot in the bottle, you will get two uses out of it, I do still have some left I'm not sure exactly how much but when you think you could pay £6.99 for this or you could pay £50+ on getting your hair professionally stripped and the damage you will do, it's just a good idea to try this.

Much love