5 February 2013

50 shades of me

Hello my cupcakes,

I hope you're all well. The ruddy snow is back which has stopped the busses in Sheffield so I can't go into town to an interviewy thing that I had to do so I thought I would do this 50 random things about me tag, I like talking about myself because everyday is all about me. Haha, that was a bit narcissistic, oh dear, I'm not really like that. Anyhow, welcome to moi  and my loves and hates.

1. I have no sense of smell, no matter how much you stick your wrist in my face and tell me I will be able to smell it I won't.
2. A few years ago I was rushed into hospital with suspected appendicitis, they couldn't confirm it was appendicitis but they did surgery and removed my appendix anyway.
3. I live alone with my cat in the house that I've lived in since 1993
4. I'm impulsive, I get an idea in my head and it won't go away until I've done or bought it.
5. One of my fav actresses is Goldie Hawn, for all you young people out there that's Kate hudsons mum. Still don't know who I'm talking about? Google her.
6. I love to watch films that have gone straight to DVD, in my mind it could be undescovered talent.
7. I've got a thing for tall men
8. I did a hairdressing course and am trying to decide if I wanna go back in September.
9. I am still best friends with my best friend that I met when I moved here in 1993.
10. I used to be married
11. I have tomato sauce on everything, pasta, taters, beans the list is endless.
12. I love Chinese food.
13. Unlucky for some haha. A motto I'm trying (and failing at sometimes) to live by is "it can't rain all the time" the sun will eventually come out and then things will look brighter.
14. It freaks me out when all of the light switches are not in a row, I will run to the top of the stairs to switch the light off so that they are all together.
15. It freaks me out when sticky things stick to me! 
16. I have been single for two years after a failed marriage. Kinda anxious about meeting someone new and having to share my space and tv with them.
17. There's always this one person who makes me smile through all of my bad moods, he texts me and I feel instantly better, like I can do anything because he believes in me!
18. My weakness is jewellery. I love quirky necklaces, I never spend much on them but I feel like with a quirky bit of silver tat my outfit is complete.
19. I love men with tattoos. To me tattoos are about art and telling a story on your skin. When you get a tattoo you design it l or have someone else design it but you know that that special piece of ink is yours your memory and nobody can take it from you.
20. To me my hair is my art, I'm not naturally creative when it comes to drawing or painting but with my hair I can do anything.
21. I'm also a lover of hairdye, if you follow my blog or my twitter you'll see I always change my hair. I like the fact that if I want pink hair tomorrow I have all the ingredients I need to paint my locks pink to make the boys wink.
22. I'm bisexual, I don't care if that freaks people out. Everyone has the right to be happy whether it be with the same sex or the opposite sex!
23. When I sleep at night I have to have my fan on, it's not that I need it to cool me down or anything it's just the noise, but I can't have any other background noise if the tv is on and I can hear it then I can't sleep!
24. I've lost four stone since my ex left me, it wasn't done the healthy way but I feel so much better and it's nice to have the extra attention from men!
25. In my bathroom I have about 5 different shampoos but I only stick to one hair mask and that is my macadamia nut one. 
26. The number of lipsticks I own but I rarely wear them, impulse buyer! 
27. My age
28. I always feel really confident and sexy when I have red hair. I have no idea why and I am not the only one who feels this way
29. I have a teddy that I've had since my first Christmas, I call her comfy bear.
30. Not looking forward to turning this age at all!
31. Seems to be the age of guys who I go for haha.
32. I am obsessed with hippos, I just find them so fascinating.
33. I like angel delight with bananas in the bottom!
34. I don't own enough pairs of shoes.
35. I don't have very many friends but the selected few that I have I am really close with and would do anything for.
36. I've been to Australia, Canada and America. I want to see the world and settle down with a hunky Canadian guy.
37. I live for chocolate spread sandwiches. They're just one of those things that I make when I can't really bothered to do anything and want a little chocolate fix.
38. I don't understand why people mix sweet and savoury together. Like pancakes with bacon, it's odd, good but odd.
39. I love to watch YouTube videos but its also so boring and everyone copies everyone else showing off, a bit like "oh look at what I got sent for free to review" or "I'm not bragging but look at my makeup collection that needs a whole room of its own"
40. I love the colour pink but all of my clothes are black so I never wear pink at all! 
41. I own several thousand eyeliners!
42. Large groups of people scare me!
43. One of my fav films is Labyrinth, I like it because of the puppets and singing. 
44. When I move out this house I will be picking up hairpins off of the floor for hours and pens because the cat gets her paws on them and they end up under the sofa and everywhere you can think of.
45. My favourite fruit is strawberry but I'm not a fan of strawberry flavoured things. I can't stand melon as a fruit but I love the taste when it's drinks.
46. The skin on peaches freak me out, it's hairy and horrible but I love the taste of peaches!
47. My hair grows so fast and it's awkward for my roots because they come through within days.
48. The age I feel today.
49. I love fancie cupcakes, if you live in Sheffield and haven't been then back away from this blog post (after you have finished reading it) and go get one. I command you haha.
50. This is going to have to be a good one... I have eczema on my eyelids and I have to be really careful about what I use on my lids because I used a bourjois eyeliner once and it actually burnt my lid and left a purple line for days :(

So that's me in a nutshell. If you've done one of these posts send me your links I would love to read them :) 

Peace and love

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