7 May 2012

Jewellery wish list

Hello beauties

Happy bank holiday Monday, today is the only day I didn't wake up with the Monday blues lol. I hope you are all well. It's a gorgeous day today, it's a bit chilly but I love it when it's like this.

I was having a look at a few posts a few weeks ago and came across Leanne's (A Slice of My Life) post about a cool website whom sell quirky jewellery. I had a look at the site and I was sat there for 30minutes in bed saying to myself "ooh I want that" to everything I saw lol. I love quirky things. When it comes to jewellery I love "out there" pieces. I like jewellery that makes people stare and wonder where I got it from. Stop talking Joy and tell us the site lol. The site is called Rings & Tings, the stuff they sell is reasonably priced and it just screams fun. I'm massively into jewellery at the moment, it's nice when you're wearing something plain to add a bit of a statement piece.

Anyway, this is a wishlist so I'll show you the things I am lusting after right now. (I haven't put the link for each piece but it is all on site for you to shop at your own convienience :D)




So there we have it, do you have any favourite sites where you get your jewellery? I'd love to check them out.

Much love


  1. Thanks for mentioning me :) I need to place an order when I have some spare cash! xx

    1. Aww no probs Hun :) thanks for doing the post :)
      If you make one before me let me know if they're any good for shipping and everything xx
      I could litterally buy everything from them lol xx

  2. what's the website called?xxx