8 April 2012

Funerals, moving on, moving out and college (an update)

Hello you lovelies,

Happy Easter, How are we all doing? I hope you are eating tons of chocolate :-). It's Been a while since I blogged, I'm a bad blogger.

I'll just get on with the post.

Recently my nan was taken into hospital, she was in there for two weeks and lost her fight Thursday 29th February. It's been a horrible couple of weeks and I did want to come and do a few blog posts but I was so drained and didn't really want to do anything but sleep. With everything that has been going on I've been a bit unwell myself. 

The funeral was really lovely, but, it's sad because it's the end of an era. Now my nan is dead I have no reason to return to Barnsley (my nan lived there and so did my dad's sides of the family) I grew up there splitting my time between Barnsley and Sheffield so it is sad.

So moving on, right now I live in a three bedroom house which I've lived in since 1993 and I'm finally ready to leave it. A three bed place when you live alone is just too much for one person, I love this house it has some good memories but I'm just not happy here anymore, I want to live closer to my friend. I'm also planning on going to Canada next July for a year, maybe longer if I can get a good place to stay or settle down with a  gorgeous Canadian man lol. I have moved on from my ex but I don't truly feel like I've moved on with my life because I am still in this house which has some real demons. It has lots of good memories but also lots of bad memories and I'm just not happy which isn't helping me. I have another week off of college so I am planning on having a really thorough spring clean because I am looking into getting a 1 bed flat or house. I've met a lovely guy, he's really nice and it's all going well, I don't want to jinx it but I really like him so I'll see how that goes.

College, I'm still enjoying hairdressing. I think by far doing this course is the best thing I have ever done,I wish I'd done it earlier in my life but better late than never, right? I'm good at it too, it's nice being able to make people feel gorgeous :-) hopefully next year if I do really well I will be moving on to a barbering course. I think that this is a great idea just because then I can work in a unisex salon and be an "uberdresser" as I like to call it lol. 

With all of the sadness that has surrounded me for the past year or two I am finally in place where I am 100% ready to leave everything behind and a brand new fresh start. When you are unhappy there is only person who can sort it out and that is you. I don't want to just exist anymore, I want to actually move on and be happy. I've got so much going for me in my life, I know I'm not getting any younger so now I'm ready to pick up my life and finally be selfish and do something for myself.

Also before I go, the boy downloaded me the new Zumba DVDs and they are awesome. I'm still loving Zumba and I am working on my friend to get her to come to some classes with me. As far as my weight goes I don't think I've lost any, just because I've been doing a lot of comfort eating recently. 

Anyhow, that's enough for now. I've been writing stuff to blog about so I'm slowly coming back, just bear with and thanks for sticking around girlies you are all awesome.

Peace and Love


  1. So proud of you You are so brave and so strong willed but there comes a time when we have to do what right for us and forget everyone else time for a bit of joy time enjoy and live for now as none of us know how long we're here for love you tons xxxxxxxx

    1. Thanks chick, you are the best :) I am definitely thinking about myself and doing what I want to instead of what people tell me to. I want to be happy and I deserve it :) love ya too :) xxxxxxxx

  2. So sorry to hear about your nan but I am so glad to hear how well you're doing.
    Enjoy living life for you Joy, you deserve it xxx

  3. Aww thanks sweetie, it's been a crappy couple of weeks but I am definitely moving on and you are right I do deserve it :)
    I hope you are well chick? :) xxxxx