10 May 2012

Update, haul and a makeover oh my :)

Hello my loves.

If you follow me on twitter you'll see that I was having a tough day yesterday, my mum found out that's she's going into hospital today, I won't go into specifics because it's personal but please everyone say a prayer for her. It seems like its one thing after another at the moment, but I'm waiting for the light at the end of this dark tunnel!

Anyway, feeling a little bit low I decided to pop to meadowhall and buy some new shoes. I wanted to buy a couple of the revlon lip butters and I picked out a couple but then decided I don't wear lipstick enough so I couldn't justify spending £7.99 on a lipstick. As I was in boots I thought I would stop by the clinique counter and have a look at their mascaras, just  because they're so gentle on my sensitive eyes. One of the lovely ladies who works on the counter came over to help me and I ended up having a makeover done (I didn't take pictures, it was getting late and the sun was against me) but it was really lovely to go and be pampered a little bit.

I went off to Primark, bought my shoes and then ended up in Superdrug after stopping off at Starbucks for a frappe and a skinny lemon muffin.

So here are the goodies that I got :-)

As it isn't boot weather anymore (I searched long and hard for some new ones even on the internet I just cant find any and I need some for college to stop hair getting on down my shoes) if you know of any sites that sells nice ones please link me. But I decided that as these bad boys were only £5 I would get a pair because they're just fun.  I love the bow and as they're made of material the backs of the shoes don't rub against my heels. 

I got some shoes from Primark last year and they had a pvc bow and they looked like the Hello Kitty bow so I was happy to see these guys. They were also only £5 so I had to grab them. They are the same as the other ones, soft material and I feel like they will work for college because they are black and I can wear them with leggings and my uniform.

I'd like to say sorry for the quality of these pictures, the sun was against me and I'm a bit annoyed, (obviously I didnt et the rimmel nail polishes from Primark) Don't you just hate primark? I mean I love it, it's cheap the stuff is great (at times) but, as you walk over to the tills they have these little bits and bobs buckets, I can't just pass bits and bobs! There is always a place for tatt and bits and bobs in my home lol. Anyway the nail polishes were £2 as you can see and the hair doughnut was £1 (which is about £6 cheaper than the ones you get from boots) I do have a black hair doughnut but I've lightened my hair now, so I figured I would get a brown one. I'm really into pastel nail polishes at the moment so I'm super excited to try these out and I will do notd's with mini reviews of each polish.

The last bits I got were these two hairdyes, they're on offer in superdrug so I couldn't resist, you know what girlies? I never can resist hairdye, I'm terrible for it, my house is just basically a salon lol. I just love changing the colour of my hair, I am aware of the damage but my hair seems to accept the dye. (again I'm sorry about the quality)

So there we have it, a small haul. I love buying new things even if it is only small.

Much love

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  1. Great buys, love the leopard print shoes!

    I hope your mum is okay xxx