13 February 2013

New job wishlist

Hello my loves,
I hope you're all doing well, the snow is back YAY, (said with complete sarcasm)  I love snow but I do believe we've seen enough now. Sheffield has been hammered with it, not cool.
On with today's post, I've been without the Internet for a few weeks but I have mentioned on twitter that I am hopefully starting a  new job on Monday the 18th Feb and I'm quite excited, I'm just waiting on confirmation. Anyway, as a girl who likes to shop I've pretty much spent my wages already,  oh dear haha. I've put together a wish list of things I would really like once I am earning.
Here it is, a lot of it is pink and I won't apologise for that either, I am a girly girl after all haha.
The first bit of the wish list is technology, I'm not the biggest fan of technology but I think these are things I need, that's what I have told myself anyhow.
1. Kindle fire HD ~ I want a kindle because I have a ton of books and sometimes it can be so annoying carrying around a book in your handbag. This can  fit in my bag nicely, play movies through lovefilm and do everything I need it to.
2. iPhone 5 ~  This isn't me giving into the hype, ok well it is but I actually do need a  new phone, the sound on my phone is broken and  I can't upgrade for another year so  it would be really nice to have a shiny new one.
3. iPad mini ~ this is definitely not needed, I just want to copy everyone else. It's a wish list and I would love one.
4. A big TV ~ last year I bought myself a new TV, I picked the wrong one thinking it was bigger than it actually was, this isn't essential but again, it's a wish list.
5. Xbox ~ I would love to have one of these bad boys, I'm a closeted gamer waiting to get out.
6. Wii ~ I think I'm just being greedy, but I love the wii.
So, these are things that I would  love and maybe will one day get but the real reason for this wish list is change, I'm planning big change this year, I really want a new house or flat here's the second part of my wish list.
1. A new sofa ~ mine is on it's way out, the springs are knackered so I am really wanting a new one. This one is from DFS.
2. A pink house ~ No, I do not want  a pink house or flat I just thought the picture was really cute.
3. A smeg fridge ~ my dad always wanted one of these and they are cool. Yes it's pink.
4. A bed with built in storage ~ At the moment I live in a three bedroom  house,  I've lived here most of life and took it on when my dad died, now I'm ready to move on but I have to fit a three bedroom house into a bedroom flat or house, so I will need all of the storage I can get.
And lastly,  I need a holiday. I haven't left the country since 2009 and I need to get away even if it's just a long weekend.
So there we have it, a very expensive wish list one can but dream.
Peace out

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