4 December 2012

New Year new hair?

Hello my Christmas cupcakes
I hope you are all well and aren't too cold. Long time no post. I'm running a blogsale if you would like to have a little look, there is some stuff left and I will love you forever if you would buy some stuff from me.
As the new year is fastly approaching I am thinking about having a complete revamp, I want to get a new job, new clothes and new hair, that doesn't mean a new colour this time. I keep dying my hair and have even resorted to bleaching it this year to get my hair gorgeous and blonde.  It's taken it's toll and my hair is screaming at me PLEASE STOP, I usually have my hair cut to shoulder length  once a year so it can grow back healthier but I think I  actually want to go short, I want a complete change and I really want my hair to be healthy. I plan on going short and then using directions hairdyes for a few months so that  I don't have to use any harsh chemicals on my  locks, it will just be my roots that will need doing.
There is a point behind this post and this is it.
I want you gorgeous bunch to help me choose a style. So these are the options, I'm not talking about the colours it's just the length. I'm leaning towards the blonde one because I can have short get rid of a lot of hair and I can make it a little bit longer if I want.
Please help or send me some links over so that I can have a look.
Thanks beauties
Much love

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