20 October 2012

Batiste blonde dry shampoo

Hello my loves

I hope you're all doing well, It's Saturday YAY, I'm heading to meet my friend in a little while for lunch and a run around the park with her son, but I just wanted to do a small first impressions on this product, I've had it in my draw for ages and finally pulled it out the other week when I had run out of hairspray. Yes I used it instead of hairspray - let me explain first haha, I was going out and wanted to do a bouffant updo but I didn't have enough hairspray to spray my roots before I backcombed. It worked a treat, seriously my bouffant stayed all night and it gave me some really nice volume. The sign of a good hairup is if it doesn't shift for a week haha.

The only problem with using it like this is when I moved my hair it was like a snowstorm, if you don't rub it in properly it's not the greatest thing. I noticed though it did help to clean my hair and when I washed it the next day my hair felt so nice afterwards because the dry shampoo soaked up all the oils. You do have to spray it from  at least 23cms away because if you don't you will end up  with this little patch of white powder which is never attractive.

I'm going to keep trying these bad boys, my friend pointed out they give nice volume and I'll do anything to soak up excess oils :-)

So, that's my speedy first impressions  and maybe I will write another about the others that I have. I would be interested  in trying out a few other dry shampoos, what are your favs?

Peace and love


  1. I really love dry shampoo even on wash day in the roots to give a bit of oomph and texture and it's amazing on day 2/3 hair if i dont have time to wash. Or like now I'm trying to grow it and I find the less I wash the quicker it grows, but normally by day 2 my hair is super greasy so this works a treat :) xx

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    1. Ooh, that's a really good idea. I keep spotting it on buy one for half price or whatever and I have a lot of them now haha. I'm going to definitely start using them because my hair is doing my head In at the moment.

      I want to grow mine too :) xx