18 October 2012

New hair (again?)

Hello gawjus :)
I hope you are all  well.
Yes it's that time again, I am here to share my new hair - "but  Joy you always have new hair, it's hard to keep up and how do you have any hair left?" well my little cherubs I'm far too daring aren't I? orignially I just wanted to do my roots, but you try doing your own roots and not touching any of the hair that  isn't roots, it's near impossible. I bought a box of Live colour XXL 00A absolute platinum blonde, this has everything you  need it's bleach for those people who don't know hair dye ratios and the colour percent of bleach to  use. I did think about using colour before but I needed my roots white and I  knew this product would give me that. So, I set out to do my roots and ended up  taking most of the midlength colour off too, this stuff really did work a treat but I wanted to do the rest and try out a different colour.
As you can see from the pictures my hair wenr very yellow and it just didn't look nice. the roots were exactly what I was hoping for so I could use a pale pink The second picture was how it turned out after I had done the first bleach, I quite liked the blonde and pink together but me being me I wanted to get rid of it all and the last picture is me at college, my tutor did me an updo
This is the dye that I used.

It comes with; cream developer, powder bleach, conditioner and everything else that you usually get with a box dye.

The first thing I will say about this and every other live hairdye is you need to do it in a very well ventilated room, it is so strong it made my eyes water and actually made me cough because it was that potent.
The good thing about this product is yes my roots went the same colour as it said it would, I just need to take into consideration next time that it doesn't need as long on the midlengh and ends, that is the only reason it turned yellow. I do love this product, I went to the salon and had my hair done which cost me £80 for colour correction and although I'm not fully up to speed with hairdressing I did just as good as job on my own. Because the ends were very white and the rest was yellow I put an ashy blonde over this after leaving it for a week to revert back to it's natural pH balance I have to say the box dye I use did absolutely nothing, it made my roots really bland and the yellow tones were still there. My tutor at college has now sorted it out soI am a full blondeheaded lovely haha.
So, this is my new hair colour, my tutor keeps telling me I am not allowed to dye it but I don't listen to anybody when it comes to my  hair haha.
Afew little tips if you want to do your hair without paying salon prices -
~Ashy colours get rid of yellow tones, ashy colours look grey and although they don't have much tone they really do make a differece.
~If you want to do your own then try colour b4 if that doesn't work then try the colour I used and just ignore the times for midlengths and ends. This colour as soon as it touches the hair it starts to work.
~If you do bleach your hair and it doesn't turn out the way you want it to, you don't have to spend a lot on toning your hair, direcions do a white toner which is purple; purple is oposite yellow on the colour chart so counteracts it.
~I know deep conditioners can be expensive, instead of shelling out for them use your everyday conditioner and leave it on for as long as possible. Your hair is going to need this after you've bleached it.
~To keep the blonde looking nice you can use a lavendar shampoo, they can help too.
There are so many ways around paying for the most expensive treatments. For now I am  going to be good to my hair and do some treatments and try to get it healthy again. I am probably going to use one of my directions hairdyes because they aren't as bad for my hair but I am still going to give it a little rest until next week :)
I already have an idea of what colour I want to go next :D
Peace and love


  1. Thanks hun, not sure if I like it or if ill keep it. Always looking for new stuff to try haha xx

  2. You're so brave with your hair Joy, it looks fabulous! My hair has been like straw for years, now I've got it in good shape I daren't risk turning it back to it's frazzled state again x

    1. I am way too brave, I will learn haha.

      If you deep condition don't use permanent dye each time you dye your hair you'll be fine. If you over dye it and bleach it then you'll have problems. I can't leave mine now because I get greys :( xx