15 August 2012

Sugarpill at a glance

Hello beauties,

At the end of July I decided to treat myself to some Sugarpill makeup when I had originally wanted to buy the Heart breaker palette it was out of stock. I have to say I am little bit upset about this order, I did order it from the States because I didn't realise they stocked it on some sites in the UK, I had to pay £24 custom chargers, this really angered me and although I don't blame sugarpill I am very annoyed that I had to pay these chargers. So if you are in the UK and wanting to purchase stuff from the states just be careful about the chargers.

This isn't a review it's sort of an unboxing post. I am a little bit shocked that she didn't wrap it in bubble wrap especially as it was going overseas, I always make sure I bubble wrap the hell out of things that I sell on eBay and on my blog. I do like that it was tracked, however, it didn't update so it said it was sat in LA for 10days when actually it was in the UK. I know I'm probably just being picky for the sake of it but these things do matter to me.

I love how I open the box and it's very girly inside, it was wrapped in pink tissue paper this is definitely pleasing to little old me. She puts in a free Sugarpill sticker and leaves a little note on the bottom of the invoice. I also got a free pigment sample which I am yet to use.

I'm not going to do swatches because I will do a proper review of my purchases once I have played around with them. 

I got the Heart Breaker palette, Dollipop, Poison Plum and After party single eyeshadows. When I first swatched them they didn't seem massively pigmented but I cannot wait to play around wit them and create some funky looks. 

Have you bought any items from sugar pill? anything I should get?

Much Love

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