5 August 2012

New tattoos

Hello weekenders,

I hope you are all well.

Since I had my first tattoos I've always wanted more and I have always loved foot tattoos, I think they are so girly and pretty. I think my feet are the ugliest part of my body so why wouldn't I want to decorate them to like nice and pretty. I've never really plucked up the courage or had the money to get them, so I just never bothered and admired other peoples, instead. Recently I decided I was going to just get them done, sick of looking at my plain ugly feet I started to look online and take inspiration from what people had had and I saw the two I've decided on. Everyone I spoke to said that foot tattoos would hurt the most because they're very sensitive and have lots of bone etc, I knew this would be the case so I started off smaller and then had a bigger one. I will not lie guys, it hurt like a mother fudger, I've never had pain like it but it's the kind of pain that isn't so bad that you need them to stop. The outline hurts the most and the tattooist said to me "if you can get your foot tattooed you can get anything tattooed" she told me she had cried when she had hers tattooed.

I'm addicted the pain of them, though, it's the same with piercings. You have to think, yes this is going to hurt for now but once you're finished you're going to have a pretty piece of art on you.

Anyways, I'm going to show you the pictures because I don't want to ramble.

Hello Kitty, I love Hello Kitty, I think she's going to be around forever and I just love it. I love the piece sign too and incorporating them just seemed like a great idea. Unfortunately, I didn't come up with this tattoo on my own, but I have never seen a tattoo like this so I thought what the hell, I like it and I am going to get it.

My next one, I was thinking about getting butterflies but then I saw this one, I did take the original picture in for inspiration but then she drew it up freehand so it looks nothing like the original tattoo. The thing I like about this is, I can add to it and have it come up on my ankle and leg :-)

So, there we have it, my new tattoos. I will be getting more but I don't think I'll get tons more. Have you had any cool tattoos recently?


  1. I love them, especially the second one! I'm trying to pluck up the courage to get a tattoo, I've wanted one for years and I've found a design I love. Maybe one day! xxx

    1. Aww thanks lovely :) I think you should deffo get one they're not so bad they just hurt on the foot :) xxx

  2. Ooo pretty, puts me back in the mood for another tattoo, they are very addictive, was thinking bout my 2nd design as the first was being finished!

    1. Thanks honey :)
      I think you should deffo get it and then post pics on here or tweet me them. I love looking at people's tattoos. Xx

  3. These are so pretty, I love the Hello Kitty/Peace sign, what a great idea!
    The second one looks like it would of hurt like a bitch! I have one on my foot and doesn't it kill when it goes up towards the big toe? My big toe kept twitching and the tattoo guy had to hold it down haha xx

    1. Haha, I didn't think it hurt towards my toe but towards my ankle what a bitch! Lol.
      My leg did the same it kicked a little by itself lol.
      Ooh what do you have on your foot? :) xx