18 June 2013

Manic Panic Vs Directions

Hello my loves,

Long time no speak, I know I've been off the radar and I hope you've missed me as I've missed y'all. I just wanted to let  you all  know that I have a blog lovin' account and you can follow me on by clicking here

So as you all know (if you don't then feel free to peruse my blog) I love having coloured hair that you can't really get from box dyes. I had brown hair for a few months and I had some turquoise underneath for a nice pop of colour that wasn't too in your face and I loved it but I needed a change, I got a box of my trusty colour b4 and stripped it out, the turquoise didn't lift enough so I used the vitamin c trick. After that I decided to have my hair cut quite short because it was kinda frazzled and I wanted to give it some tlc, poor love.
I had L'Oreal Castings in Chocolate and Directions turqouis underneith, I loved the end result.
I decided after this that I wanted to go red and we all know that finding that perfect red is an absolute nightmare, so I chose the olia 6.6 intense red, I knew it wouldn't be quite so intense because it had to cover the remaining turquoise and brown. It wasn't what I wanted if I'm honest. Wracking my brains, I decided that I didn't want to use a tub of directions and researched reds by manic panic. I came across "Vampire Red" and I loved all of the pictures that I had seen so I set off to town to buy it, I will warn you manic panic here in the UK is quite expensive at £10.99 a little tub, but that little tub goes a long long way, believe me when I say that. So once I'd purchased the dye I came home to put it on, funny little thing happened (well it's not funny really) I always stand at the top of the stairs to dye my hair because there is a banister for me to stand the dye on, well the little pots get really slippy when you have gloves and this is what happened... I wasnt even bothered that my carpets were ruined, I was bothered that I'd wasted my dye, it's not ruddy cheap haha.

So back to Manic Panic vs Directions
Although you get more for your money with manic panic and the dye is much better and personally looked great on my hair, the fade isn't as good. Right now my hair is back to being dull again and that's not OK because it's really expensive, with directions dyes they always kept a nice shine and if I'm totally honest it only faded when I faded it  myself.

I give the colour pay off to them both a 10/10
I give directions the lasting (now I can't say this will be same for everyone because everyone's hair is different) power I would give a 10 and manic panic a 5 maybe, this might just be me and I can only give my own true opinion.
In terms of value for money I do not believe Manic Panic is but the colour really did look amazing and I got so many compliments, a man even asked if it was my natural hair :s I'm not saying I won't repurchase because I definitely will, I definitely think I've found my perfect red.
The winner does have to be Manic Panic though, despite all the cons, the pro is that the colour pay off is amazing just wins. I  wish it lasted longer, I don't wash my hair everyday either. The colours of the directions ones were lovely but I preferred them when I had used the vitamin c and got a lovely pink and a pastel purple.
If you live in Sheffield or close by and have access to Meadowhall then you can get Manic Panic from the Lanes in Cleopatra for £9.99
The "Vampire Red" by Manic Panic
So that's that, Have you tried Manic Panic?
Peace & Love


  1. Love your blog, thank you!

  2. Nice blog and the vampire red color of manic panic is attractive among all the colors.

  3. I love the Vampire Red as well its my favourite colour from them, have you tried Infra Red its similar but a bit darker?