2 September 2012

Sweet Lily Sparkles Jewellery wishlist

Hello my loves,

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend.

I was recently looking on twitter and saw a RT for a site called Sweet Lily Sparkles, you can view the site here. As I have mentioned before I absolutly love quirky jewellery and retro sweets and this site combines the two, I'm in my element.

I've put together a little collage of things that I really want to buy at some point.

I'll add links and everything in case you  want to browse.

1. Allsorts Cupcake Necklace I absolutely love cupcakes and I love allsorts, why wouldn't I want this?
2. Poptarts Necklace poptarts are one of my favourite snacks, I love all of the different flavours and I love this necklace.
4. Ice gem bracelet These guys remind me of my childhood, my best friend at school was called Gemma and my dad used to call her Ice Gems
5. Flump Necklace I think you'll probably see a pattern with the next couple, lol. Flumps are one of my fave sweets and I adore this set.
8. Gingerbread men earrings These aare the cutest things in creation LOVE
Do you have any cool sites that I should visit for fun jewellery?
Peace and love

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