3 September 2012

Monday's Mane Attraction

Hello my loves,

hello my loves, I hope you're all well.

No I didn't spell the title wrong before people start thinking I'm  a bit odd lol. I was thinking of doing weekly posts or fortnightly (I haven't decided yet) on hair that I am really loving, at the moment  I have pinnk hair and I will be changing it again soon but I am loving trying out  new colours. I  guess I could call it hair envy Monday haha.

Right now I am in love with Katy Perry's hair, I've always been on the fence when it comes to her but she has the hair I've always wanted and she really does rock pretty much every style. It's not the style that I am wanting  it's actually the colour, I don't think withh my rround face that I  could pull of the gorgeous blye bob, but I want to  try the colours.

Who's hair are you loving at the moment?
Peace and love

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  1. KPs hair is fab right now but ill always love cheryl coles