4 January 2012

A weighty issue (Update)

Hello my loves.

Happy New Year :-) I cannot believe we are in the new year now. It's so strange and it's probably going to take me until 2013 to remember to write 2012 lol.

Anyway, so I mentioned last night on Twitter about my weight and I got a few questions about how I lost the weight. My dad's cousin's husband asked me how I have lost this weight and I'll be honest, I didn't change the way I eat I still ate junk food but after my husband left I just didn't eat properly for 3 months it brought back a ton of my issues with food. I did exercise though. With weight loss comes a bit of sagging, my boobs were a B cup before I put on all of my weight and now they are an E cup, I am happy about this but well they're not as nice as they could be I guess lol. I've always been against surgery I just think it's a quick fix and it's not something I would ever have wanted but now that I've lost weight and I am having trouble with the wobbly bits, I would have a tummy tuck and a breast lift. Also with all of this I have so many stretch marks. I do look at them and sometimes I cry so much and other days I think I won't be like that again. I have so many anxieties about my body, yes I am now a size 12 but I don't feel like I look good naked. I have love handles and I am determined to sort these out. I have a ton of clothes that I haven't been able to fit in and I had put them aside so that I could sell them on eBay but I tried them and although they are a little bit tight I love them. Although I want rid of my love handles I do like my shape, it's an hourglass shape and I think that that is a really sexy shape to have.

As a size 12 I am pretty happy because that was always my ideal size. I'm not sure if I mentioned this in one of my other posts but I went to the doctors and he told me I have lost three stone which is just amazing. I asked my mum for a couple of dresses for Christmas and I tried them on thinking they wouldn't fit but they did and I am so happy. It's not just that I need things that are stretchy because of my tummy I have to think "will this fit over my chest" people stare at them enough and think they're a blessing but they are kind of a curse lol.

So what are my tips, what are my goals and what am I going to do to lose the last bit?

My tips -
  • don't deprive yourself, ok I'm not saying go out and eat a five course meal every night and eat chocolate and crisps washed down with fizzy drinks you aren't going to get anywhere that way. But, moderation is good. You see when I want something I have to have it otherwise when I get it I'm going to overindulge it's the bodies way of saying screw you for not giving me what I want.
  • Definitely exercise, start off small walk places dance around the house even doing housework. You don't have to spend top dollar on going to a gym you can buy DVDs etc. I love to put the 80s channel on my TV and dance around the house.
  • Don't do quick fixes you will put te weight back on. A friend of mine tried lighter life lite and she did do well on it, she lost a ton of weight but she put it all back on plus 1stone. They seem perfect because they're quick and easy to do but because you don't really eat when you do finally start eating solids your body will grab onto every little bit and you'll put it all back on.
My Goals -
  • I want to lose the last bit of weight and then I will finally be happy in my skin.
  • When I have lost all of this weight I am going to treat myself to a pinup photo shoot. It's always been my dream and I just know I will love it :-)
  • I would LOVE to become a Weight Watchers rep and host meetings. Most of the reps there have all dropped a ton of weight and because of this they know how to act around people. Going into those meetings especially if you're on your own is daunting, it's not nice because you think people are going to judge but I'd love to help them out.

What am I going to do -
  • My college is just a five minute walk from town, I usually get the tram but that is starting to get expensive so I am going to walk to the college and catch the tram back just because after being on my feet for that long I want to get into town quick.
  • I've asked for an Xbox for my birthday so I can exercise on there.
  • I am going to lose 3 stone by March 31st.
So that's it, I will probably do another update in March after I've lost my weight. Are you planning to lose weight this year?

Much love


  1. How fab that you lost weight and didn't feel like you were depriving yourself. I know after I lost 3 stone with Slimming world, I still didn't like my figure. But you know I know you don't like your stretch marks but they'll fade. Mine totally disappeared!


    1. Thank you so much. That means a lot to me because I really do hate them and wow congrats on you losing yours also :) its a good feeling isn't it? Xxx

  2. Hi, I'm not really sure where else to write this, sorry! I just came across your blog through stumbling through the random beauty related ones I could find. Your layout looks really sweet, haha. I'm new to all this blogging business. Just thought I'd say hi :)

    1. Thank you honey. A compliment on the old blog is always nice :) welcome to the world of Blogging :) xx